Electric Safety Starts at Home: Infographic

Five tips for working around your house this spring

By: | May 14, 2019

Warm weather means it’s time to start those home improvement and maintenance projects the cold weather and snow prevented. A little planning and foresight will help you be smart and safe around electricity.

Listen to the experts during National Electric Safety Month

Since 1994, the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) has led the way in promoting electrical safety across North America by promoting electrical safety at home and in the workplace. To commemorate National Electrical Safety Month, ESFI spearheads an annual campaign featuring resources like the infographic below created to educate key audiences about the steps that can be taken to reduce electrically-related fires, fatalities, injuries and property loss.

The takeaway: Always look up

Being aware of your surrounding is always the best safety tip. And this is especially true when venturing outside for yard work. As the infographic explains, always look up.



Download this free infographic for your home.




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